So, it’s high time we let you know who will be providing the headline sound track for our incredible voyage beneath the waves.

Ladies and gentlemen, mermaids and skippers, we are very proud to be welcoming the legendary WOLF MUSIC to join us for our under the sea House party exploits.

These serious House scene heavy weights and friends of COR will taking a deep dive into their record boxes and label back catalogue to take the helm and steer the good ship CORtilus to new party depths.

Seamlessly steering us on a journey through House, jumping on the occasional life boat to disco and then back again, if you’ve been lucky enough to hear these record label heavy weights doing their thing, you know we are in for something very special.


WOLF Music Recordings began life in 2009 and was the brainchild of Matt Neale & Stu Clark; two house & disco fanatics who wanted an outlet for their creative endeavours. WOLF has always been about the real HOUSE culture; the music and expressions from day dot to the most modern interpretations. Bringing us artists such as Greymatter, KRL, Medlar, Bicep, Waze & Odyssey, James Welsh and Session Victim.

Matt Neale and Stu Clarks knowledge and record collection is rivaled by few and their music taste continues to see them booked across Europe.

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Of course the COR Fam will also be on hand to take the rigging throughout the night with their own inimitable House, disco and balearic catch.

Very excited about our wonderful guests. Very excited about our intrepid journey into the depths. This is going to be an incredible night on our Incredible Voyage to Atlantis. Hope you can be part of it. This will be special. Get to know.

Big Love.


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