Hello disco bunnies and COR scallies! Hope this message finds you all VERY well! 

It’s been a little while now, so bout time for another COR secret underground disco rave, don’t ya think?!

Our last couple of parties have been off the chart and pretty large scale for us. Oh yes they were BIG time big fun, but for this one we thought it was time to take it right back to our COR roots. Something a little smaller and a bit more intimate, just like the tiny original COR soirées from the early days of our wonderful COR journey. 

And that’s exactly what we got in store for ya! We have reined the numbers right in for this one and will be giving you a PROPER COR underground disco rave experience!

So, ladies and gentleman, party purveyors and tail feather shakers… It is our great pleasure to welcome you one and all to our SECRET COR EASTER HOUSE OF HORRORS!!!

COR are going to take you on a journey deep into the depths of Hammer Horror and B-Movie film revelry. We’ve got a wonderful venue right in the heart of Southsea that we will be transforming beyond recognition for your immersive party pleasure. Full COR decor as you come to expect will adorn every square inch of the venue – You won’t reckonise the place as you step into COR’s EASTER HOUSE OF HORRORS!!

The COR Secret House of Horror!!

with VERY special guest RAY MANG!!

and the COR DJ’s

Easter Sunday, 31st March

B-Movie Bonnetts, Hammer Horror Headwear and Monster Movie Dress Up wholly encouraged!

Ticket £5. Only 250 Available! 

Of course COR wouldn’t be COR without a truck load of underground disco and (Hammer Horror) house, and we’ll have it by the costume blood bucket load! Top draw sound as per and ALL of the COR Fam will be in the horror house to smash it up a gooden. Expect a classic COR Fam back 2 back session with all 6 of us scrabbling to one up the other in the record stakes. 

AND, to top it off, we have inveterate Disco and House music DJ, producer and phenomenal remix ledge RAY MANG coming along to grace the COR stage!! If you’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed a Ray Mang uber set, you’ll know this one guest you WILL NOT want to miss! If you’ve you’re not seen Mr Mang before, oh my mate you are in for a PROPER treat! 

Easter wouldn’t be easter without a bonnet now, would it. So do make sure you have your Hammer Horror Headwear and B-Movie bonnets at the ready for this COR monster smash. Of course fancy dress is not mandatory, but as always, everyone here at COR Towers whole heartedly encourage it. (Mick – tranny Frankenstein??!)

As we mentioned, we’re taking it back to the COR roots for this one, intimate venue, intimate crowd, amazing COR atmosphere from the most incredible party people on the south coast! But this does mean we don’t have many tickets. Only 250 for this one. 

Tickets will be available very soon from the COR DJs, but please don’t sleep on them if you want to get involved. Our last COR party (450+) sold out in 4 days! 

If you don’t know, get to know.

Really hope you can make it along. This is another huge COR production in the making, even though we are doing it in an intimate venue. Can’t wait to rekindle that old school COR vibe and to welcome such a ledge as RAY MANG to join us behind the decks. Be part of it you lovely lot. Hammer time. 

Big Love. 

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