COR’s Mirrorball spinoff now has a spin off of it’s own! It’s called ‘Rough Around The Edges’ and it’s a free party that will be taking place monthly at the Edge Of The Wedge.

There are some pretty heavy weight guest line up to play at this new monthly bash.

Stalwarts from the underground disco scene Pablo Contraband from Disco Deviant, Affy & Ali from Go Bang! and Lloyd & Faz from Nocturnal Records will all be taking there turns be behind the RATE wheels of steel over the coming months.

The next party is this Friday, 22nd July, with our first special guest Pablo Contranband from Disco Deviant!

Funtimes kick off at 8pm and go on til 2am and best of all its FREE!

Hope you can make it along. Perfect wind down after hard week!


Big Love.

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