Mick Hood : Cloak Room Cutz Vol 1

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COR massive, hello to you.

Got a treat for ya. This has been circulated amongst the COR party contingent once before, but it was a long time ago now and before we had a website. It was very well received back then so I’m sure you’re gonna love it second time around. And if you didn’t get an earful first time round then I hope you enjoy it now (you will!).

Loving prepared COR’s very own Big Mick Hood. A stirling cloak room attendant and a very attractive transvestite, Big Mick has also been know to chuck down the odd tune or two over the years and many DF’s are still in recovery now. If you were lucky enough to catch Mick on the one’s and two’s at the Love Albert Road Day closing party you’ll know he knows his stuff by giving us one of the stand out sets of the weekend – and that was after just 20mins sleep!

Check Mick’s profile to find out more about this COR stalwart and grab an earful of his Cloakroom Cutz Vol 1 below.

Mick Hood : Cloakroom Cutz Vol 1


If you like this keep your ears out for Cloakroom Cutz Vol 2 heading your way very soon!

Big Love.

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