Mick Hood


Mick Hood : a seductive transvestite with the best record collection in the western world – Fact.


Big Mick established his reputation as a DJ in an array of locations. He worked with fellow COR stable mate Steve Laming in the 80s in the local area, was very much a part of the independent soul scene, living in London he was a big part of the South London underground club scene and played in Southampton for 9 years.

Mick was also a record buyer for a client list which included Gilles Peterson and customers included the majority of the legendary Los Angeles and New York DJ’s and also guys like Dimitri. Mick has a reputation for having an incredible collection of rare groove, funk, house, soul and of course disco. This combined with his wicked mixing ability give him the ammunition to deliver the most awesome sets.

Mick likens the COR thing as being the nearest thing to the legendary Cabin…

The buzz before a Saturday night was electric, you’d get in there, it was small, it was dark, there were some really funky characters, guys with tambourines and stuff, anything went and it had an atmosphere of it’s own. The groove built through the night and even guys like Paul Murphy who guested down there still talk about that place. The COR events are great, there is something happening here, everyone can feel it.”


Mick Hood : Cloak Room Cutz Vol 1

Mick Hood : Cloak Room Cutz Vol 2

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