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The COR parties, after just the two and a half years of kicking out quality underground disco knees ups are now a bit of a Southsea fave.

But the COR parties themselves only happen every once in a while. Boo.

michealThe COR parties are all about the drama. Every time we put one on we want it to be a pantomime, over the top and a bit of an occasion. But even with the elaborate décor, projections and sound systems, the CORE of COR is the music. Pure, unadulterated, underground disco, house and balearia, all served up by the 7 COR ressies.

We are so very lucky at COR to have such a tight crew at the centre of The Civilisation Of the Rough. Every single member of the COR fam have a deep seeded love for disco and understand it’s influence on the other music we love.

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But even though we all share this love of disco, we all have our own takes on how and what we play. From the old to the new, the upfront to the dubby, from the housey to the Balearic, there a 7 different DJs who each have their own take on disco that completely complements the rest of the group. Perhaps this is why the COR parties have been so popular? Who knows.

Anyway, although the COR parties only take place once in a while, the COR ressies are always up to something else in and around Southsea town and beyond.

Just this weekend our disco ambassador Matt Seeney was working his disco magic on a side project ‘Unicorn Dream presents Sparklehouse’ at The Hobby Horse in London.  He can also be found on a regular basis spinning discs at the Brick Lane fav The Big Chill Bar.

Page 2 of 2The weekend before last, our COR disco vets Big Mick Hood and the south coast ledge Steve Laming were hosting yet another of their wonderful Mirrorball soirées across the water in Gosport. Keep your ears pricked for more Mirrorball coming back to Southsea village for bank hol blow out too.

As if Mick doesn’t get enough of a work out on Mirrorball duty, he has been invited personally by Greg Wilson to play at the wonderful Vintage Festival at Goodwood in a couple of weeks time, Sat 14th Aug. What an honor, and testament to the quality to this disco vets skills, not to mention his gargantuan collection of original disco pressings.cor_bus_crop

Along side Mirrorball, Steve is also busy with the occasional visit up down London town to spin some of his finest cuts at ‘The Soul Night Out’ with old funk brother Owen Wasington.

Leon Windsor, our resident Balearic aficionado is spending a lot of time in the studio of late. If he’s not creating or remixing aural deliciousness under his Ladysmith or Hush Money guises (check the COR album coming very soon!) he’s working relentlessly with old production chum Triggs on their latest and greatest projects.

Another studio project taking shape at the mo is a collaboration between disco vet Steve Laming and COR gob Mark Persaud. Rumour has it they will be returning to the studio imminently to add the finishing touches to their first track, a chuggy disco floor burner they are just itching to air.

dada_smallMark (under the guise of ‘Who is Dave Balard?’) is also tied up at the moment with COR stable mate Rosko Siffredi in putting the finishing touches to their new club night foray away from COR, ‘The Carbaret Voltaire’, which brings their love of all things house and disco colliding head first to produce deep, dubby, disco et house vibe on a monthly basis.

So, as you can see, lots going on with the COR boys over and above the wonderful COR parties themselves.

If you love COR and you love the music, keep you eye on what else is coming out of the COR stable and get involved. You don’t have to wait until the next COR party to get your underground disco fix.

Sign up on the COR site http://C-O-R.CO.UK to be kept up to date on all things disco, not just from COR, but from all the COR Fam are up to and more.

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Thanks for reading, get involved! Until next time, Big Love.

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