Crikey, less than 2 weeks to go before our massive COR Future Space Disco!! To say it’s hectic here at COR towers is an understatement!!

But it’s all coming together nicely now – oh yes, have we got a show for you!! This is going to be a HUGE production, biggest we’ve ever tried to pull off (reeey!). You will not be disappointed.

Anyway, while we’ve been running around getting everything together, we’ve been digging back through the COR archives for a soundtrack to get busy to. We’ve not had time to put any new mixes together to promo this event, so we thought we might share with you some old COR gems from days gone by. First up is a total classic from COR ledge Matt Seeney. This was a promo mix Matt did ahead of our very first “Educating You Upstairs” party at The Wine Vaults way back in November 2008. Proper tasty number that take us from balearic to disco, bit of house and back to balearic again. Love this mix, cracking selection and some great memories. Hope you like it too.

Cheers Matt!

Big Love.

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