Hello COR contigent, hope this message finds you fine dandy and recovered from your respective weekends.

Just a quick one from COR towers to let you know that the COR family are hitting the road both this weekend and next to support two of the biggest names in the disco scene on the south coast.

Fri 16th October, COR will be heading up to Southampton to support the infamous Lloyd & Faz at their wonderful NOCTURNAL soirée (click here for more info).

But this Sat – 10th Oct – COR ressies will be packing their record bags, jumping aboard the underground disco bus and heading to Brighton to join the fabulous WOLF MUSIC RECORDINGS label in kicking off their shiny new monthly bash!

In additional to this, as if having the the Wolf Music boys and the COR Fam in the same place at the same time to rock your socks right off your lil disco tootsies isn’t quite enough, there’s more –  Brighton’s very own GO BANG! will be be on duty n’ all! Blimey. That’s a lot of south coast disco goodness. Yum.


Saturday 10th Oct
9pm – Late.

Bond Street

Oh, and I forgot the best big – It’s FREE!

Yup, you did read that correctly, you get three of the hottest promotions on the south coast in one place at the same time for FREE. It must be your lucky day.

For more details on the night, have a squwiz at the Wolf Music Party faceache page
More details on Wolf Music Recordings click here

And for all things WOLF MUSIC check their Myspace page, which includes sneeky peeks at a loads of Wolf Music releases. Enjoy.

Hopefully see ya down the front.

Big Love.

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