cor-festi-2014-teaserWaaaah!! Excitement levels are borderline dangerous here at COR towers!! Our little underground disco rave by the sea is hitting the road and getting well involved with the summer 2014 festival circuit! Oh yes. To say the COR fam are looking forward to this is an understatement of gargantuan proportions! Have we got some proper festi funtimes in store for you, you lovely lot!!

First up we’re heading to Croatia for the legendary ELECTRIC ELEPHANT (10th-14th July)!!  – Hit us up for HEAVILY discounted tickets!

Next up we’re heading to the west country for our third instalment at the true gem of UK boutique festivals, the absolutely amazing FARM FEST (1st-2nd August)!! If you came last year or the year before (of which we know there are a GREAT many of you!) you’ll know these guys know how to put a festival together. More of the same this year and have we got a top guest lined up for you! Really hope you can make it again this year – Grab your (very limited) COR discounted tickets here!

Then finally it’s back to the south coast for a big’un. And in our own fair city no less! Yup, we’ve been invited to host the secret underground disco tent at this years VICTORIOUS FESTIVAL (23rd-24th Aug)!!! Very excited about this, not least because it’s taking place at their new venue SOUTHSEA SEAFRONT (WTF!! The flipping SEAFRONT I tell ya!!) and because this will be our largest festival undertaking to date (they’ve giving us a 1000 capacity arena to fill with disco and house secret underground loveliness!). Some proper first class guests lined up for you at this one too. REALLY hope you can make it. We’ll have our very special COR ticket link VERY soon. Hold tight.

So, that’s our Civilisation Of the Rough summer of festies in a nutshell. We’ll be putting out specific information about each festival in the coming weeks. If you’ve not joined our FB page yet, pop over and give us a Like to keep in the loop. We really hope you can make it along to join our COR festi funtimes. You know how much we love a road trip, and it’s just amazing seeing our most wonderful of party contingents filling the floor in these awesome new places – Get involved!

We got plenty of other COR stuff coming up over the summer months too, kicking off with our COR Easter Sunday Spectacular Spectacular which will be just incredible (taking place in an amazing tucked away historic building in the heart of Portsmouth – a COR first!) plus an appearance at Southsea Skate Park Roller Disco end of May, to name but two.

Hope you can join us you lovely lot. And if you don’t know, get to know.

Big Love.

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