Hello COR Scallies and Disco Bunnies, hope this message finds you all very well and in fine favour.

This is an SOS to all who love COR!

We’re about to lose our Faceache Group due to the ridiculous upgrade process the powers at be at FB have put in place.

We urgently need your help!

We need COR party peeps to post on the COR Group wall ASAP.

Post anything you like (try to keep it clean(ish) please!), comments, vids, tunes Anything!

This will trigger the upgrade button & thus save the COR Group!

You can get to the COR Group here – http://on.fb.me/q5H34i .

A super massive THANK YOU in advance for your help with this.

Big Love.


PS. If you know anyone else who might wanna help with this, please share the love and click the ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ buttons below. Thanks!


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