COR Legends at the Lord…. bank holiday residency runnings, starting off with a personal favourite of ours – Terry Farley!

We don’t throw the word legend about lightly, and we’re absolutely buzzing to announce a true pioneer and innovator, who, along with his production partner Pete Heller, has been responsible for some of THE seminal dance floor destroyers of the past three decades. Founder member of the Boys Own collective, label boss and London House Guvnor – we even tolerate the fact he’s a Chelsea fan. A welcome return for Mr Terry Farley


Bank Holiday Sunday 6th May

Only 160 Tickets: £7.55 – £10.

Grab yours here


You’d better not sit on your hands – tickets went in 48 hours for the last party.

Hope you can make it. If you came to the last one, you’ll know you’ll not wanna miss. Perfect venue for COR. Proper intimate house party vibes where you’re practically face-to-face with the DJ on the dance floor. Oh yes, these are gonna be goodens. Get to know and we’ll see you at the front.

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Big love

The COR Fam.


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