Thank you thank you to those of you who brought a ticket for the COR Disco Bus to Vintage and a big apology to those of you who missed out.

The plan has finally been finalised for Sat 14th Aug and we can now share it with you.

The pick up point in Southsea to leave for the Vintage Fest will be The Little Johnny Russells.

Get there for 12noon and have a glass of vino on us. Just show them your disco bus ticket.

The COR Disco leaves LJR at 1pm on the button. We can’t wait for anyone past this time because we wanna see Mick DJ and he starts at 1:30pm. If you’re not there to leave at 1pm, you’ve missed the bus.  So make sure you get there before then!

For the return journey, the bus will be leaving at 2am.

Again, you gotta make sure you’re at the bus before 2am if you wanna catch it home. It’s your responsibility to be there if you need it. Both Tim and I won’t be in any fit state sort anything out by that time so please, if you need to get home on the bus, make sure you’re there before 2am. It’s a long walk home!

Think that’s about it for now. Looking forward to this bigtime, gonna be a belter of a day. Hope the weather stays good!

See you at the LJR’s for glass of vino before we set off and if anyone has any other questions before then, just give us a shout ( .

Big Love.

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