Hello COR part contingent, hope all is good!

This Friday, 10th June 2011, the COR fam is hitting the road and heading down the coast to Brighton!

The COR DJ’s have been kindly invited by Pablo Contraband to play at the his wonderful Disco Deviant party at Above Audio! And very excited we are.

The party starts at 10pm,

we’re on at 12:30am

and it goes on til 3am.

Best part is IT’S FREE!

We will be one on, one off in a typical last-hour-of-a-COR-party stylee, so expect a rapid fire journey though our diverse collection of  disco, house and balearia party straters. Looking forward to this bigtime!

All the details can be found here.

So what this rave crawl all about then, I hear you cry??!

Well, it just so happens that on the same night, Brighton disco heroes GO BANG! are holding one of their now infamous underground warehouse parties, in the warehouse space underneath Brighton train station.

This too is free to get in, and it goes on until after 5am! And as if that weren’t brilliant enough, they have an  AMAZING special guess playing! Proper top drawer, premium booking!!

Certainly one not to miss, and we plan not to!! Once we have finished at Above Audio, we will be making a prompt bee line for the GO BANG! warehouse party.

And we want you to come with us!

The COR DJs are planning to get the train up to Brighton around 7pm, have a drink or two around Brighton, then head to Above Audio around 10pm.

After that we’ll be heading to the GO BANG! warehouse party. The train back to Pompey starts at 5am, so after we’ve had ‘one more’ on the GO BANG! DF we’ll be heading upstairs to get the train home.

The more the merrier, so if anyone fancies a cracking night out in Brighton, please feel free to come come along with us!!

That’s about it for now. Very excited about our lil Brighton smash up this weekend. Hope you can make it along!

Big Love.

The COR Fam.



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