cover-mockup Here’s a sneeky peek at he COR Moment mix album cover!

We’ve put the Moments album together to try and sum up the last two years of COR and our journey so far. Because of this, we decided the album artwork should reflect this too.

Every single element of the album artwork has been used before in the making of COR. Whether it’s been part of our posters, flyers, back drops, stage props, projections, badges, stickers, signs, tees or our website, you will have seen these featured characters and elements before somewhere at COR.

The album cover art also comes complete with a commentary expertly word smithed by our very own COR mixing boy Leon Windsor, giving you a run down of the tracks and reasons from the COR selectors as to why they decided to choose the tracks they did for inclusion on the album.

Don’t forget the launch party for our Moments album is Saturday 25th Sept. This is only a 100 capacity event, in the vein of the initiate soirées we started out with. Every ticket purchased will get a FREE copy of the album on the night, but do hurry if you want to get involve, tickets have already started to fly. Dont sleep on this!

Here’s a link to the events dets on this site :

COR Album Launch Paar-Tay!!

And here’s a link to the faceache listing :

Faceache Event Listing


Hopefully see you there.


Big Love.


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