milkmanAbout time for another COR bash I do believe.

Who fancies a Boxing Day Barn Dance then??!!

Yup, this now infamous COR celebration will be making a welcome return on, ahem, Boxing Day and will be hosted at our wonderful home from last winter, The Wine Vaults!

COR will be taking over the venue in it’s entirety with all of the COR ressies on duty, as well as some other fave guest from in an around our beloved Southsea Village.  We’ll be ‘Educating You Upstairs’, downstairs and even in in the snug bar. Ditch the left overs and get ready for a history lesson in disco,  house and balearia.

If you came last year you’ll know your in for a treat – hope you can make it down.

More info to follow. Sign up to the Boxing Day Bonanza faceache listing or grab the rss feed below to keep updated on the moving and shaking of this fabulous soriée.

Keep you eye on COR!

Big Love.

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