Alfredo 625♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  2010 : A BALEARIC ODYSSEY ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ 3 nights in Ibiza for best Bonnet!! ♥

Hello COR scallies and disco bunnies, hope this message finds you all very well.

Soo, Ready for the next one??

Get ready this Easter Sunday for a balearic Easter space disco at secret location ins our beloved Southsea,
with very VERY Special Guest, the original Ibizian legend…


If you don’t know, get to know, this man was the inspiration that kicked started the house scene in UK. And we’re flying him in from the white isle exclusivly for your pleasure and delectation!

ALFREDO will be laying down a set of pure Ibizian eclecticness for our very own party pleasure. Oh yes, this will be good.

Not only will we be bringing a living legend to these fair shores for an Easter knees up to end all knees ups, but being Easter Sunday and seeing how much of a wicked crack we had last year, this will be the return of


Only this year with a slight twist.

Ladies and Gentleman, we ask you please, without reserve, support the great tradion of the Easter Bonnet by sporting the greatest and grandest Balearic Easter Space Bonnet you can.

Ok, so Balearic Easter Space Bonnets aren’t entirely in keeping with the great Victorian tradition, but it will be in keeping with the 2001: Space Odsyssy theme.

So get creating, curating and culltivating the most fabulous millinery you can possibily muster.  AMAZING Prizes for the best and most creative head gear.

First Prize for the Best Bonnet will be

3 Nights in Ibiza for two!!

Well worth getting creative for! Find out all the details here

If you made it along last year you’ll know you’ll not wanna miss this, it was er-maze-in! If you didn’t make it, take a look at the snaps to see what you missed out on…

…Click here to view all the photos!

That’s about it for now, more info and detail to follow as they unfold.

Tickets will be available shortly, but as usual they will be in short supply – just 200 tickets.

If you’re planning on making it down, please don’t leave it too long to get your ticket. There were quite a few disappointed peeps for the Ashley Beedle party and we don’t want that to happen again!

The Civilisation Of the Rough Presents…

♥ 2010 : A Balearic Odyssey ♥

With VERY special guest


Prizes for the Best Balearic Easter Space Bonnet

First Prize – 3 Nights in Ibiza for Two!!

Funds raised will go to Haiti

Tickets : £5 – Available shortly from HEAD HAIRDRESSING, 53 Albert Road.

Keep you eye on COR for all the details as they unfold…

and find out more about Alfredo…

Big Love.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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