Next installment of our Albert Road free party ‘Rough Around The Edges’.

This month we welcome very special guest, Southsea’s very own editing tornado Gregg Holmes aka FINGERMAN EDIT!

If you’ve been following Gregg over the last year or so you’ll know this man is literally relentless at producing top quality edits of some of the best disco ever released.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the Fingerman Edit Soundcloud page – – over 70 cracking edits, all with 100’s of listens each. This fella is taking the edit world by storm. I defy you not to find something you like in there.

Now if you think his edits are good, just wait til you hear him take control of the DF! This man can mix!! Gonna be a boss party. Bigtime.

Thanks for stepping up Gregg, looking forward to hearing what you got in store for us!

If you like disco and you like old school house, this is one not to miss! Spread the word, tell your friends, share this post – Oh yes, this will be good.

Hopefully see you on the 17th.

Big Love.

Ps. Seriously, check out his Soundcloud page. Some seriously good music in there. Prob enough to see you all the way through until the party starts!


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