Since 2007, we’ve thrown one-off events in basements and lofts, castles and fields, all with a Funkton1 sound and a packed crowd of clued up party people.

Soundtracked by the COR Family: Leon Windsor, Mark Persaud, Mick Hood, Rosko and Steve Laming, every sell out party delivers a truly eclectic, upfront mixture of quality house, Balearic and disco to an always rammed dancefloor.

Our gigs have spread from our Southsea HQ along the coast to Brighton and beyond, and our infamous weekend stint at Farm Festival is now in its third year. We’re gonna need a bigger tent!

Forthcoming highlights include a slot at the amazing Electric Elephant festival in Croatia, the above mentioned Farm Festival, and a two day installation at Victorious Festival in August with some great guests lined up for all.


Always on the look out for the new, the inaccessible, the original and the left of centre, our parties have taken place in pub basements, curry houses, chip shop gardens and a Tudor castle. Our (very) loosely based policy of Balearic music has seen us host international pioneers such as Alfredo, the original London housers Terry Farley and Diesel, and trailblazing reel-to-reel maestro Greg Wilson, as well as future stars such as Wolf Music and GoBang. We theme each party and spare no expense on decor and cabaret elements – a jazz quintet and a Play Your Cards Right themed game to name but two.

So there it is- a brief intro to our world.

We hope you can join us, and we hope we can join you.

If you don’t know, get to know


Email: hello@c-o-r.co.uk

Phone: 07787 11 46 46 / 07787 535 828

Facebook: corsouthsea

Twitter: cor_disco

Soundcloud: civilisation-of-the-rough

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