Thank You Shadow Child!

Wow! What a night! Super massive THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported our Easter Sunday Rave Up at LJR with Shadow Child!

AMAZING crowd. Proper old school COR fam vibe. Small, intimate, loads of friendly old faces and loads of new faces too. Thanks for being a top crowd.

Massive Thanks also of course to Shadow Child. Mate you blew it away!!! Such a great Easter Sunday rave up, you crushed it!!!

Thanks to Chris and a LJR crew too, especially for the turbo set up!

More from COR coming up (bootleg Victorious after party ahem…). Keep your eye on COR. If you don’t know, Get to know

Big Love

The COR Fam


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COR at Common People!

VERY excited to be playing at the Common People festival on Sunday 27th May!

Here’s a link to the website, check out the full line-up, looks like it’s going to be a right COR-ker!!

Hope you can join us!

Big Love.

The COR Fam


PS. Click here for the event page


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SOLD OUT – Shadow Child, Easter Sunday

It’s only been 48hr, but we’re SOLD OUT!

Super massive THANK YOU to everyone who jumped on this so quickly and supported. VERY much appreciated and very humbled.

We promise to make this a COR Easter rave-up to remember!

We know there are a number of your who wanted tickets but didn’t manage to get one. Fear not! We’ll be creating a Ticket Exchange Group shortly for peeps who need tickets and peeps who no longer need theirs to hook up with each other.

Looking forward to this one big time! Thanks again for your amazing support. See you at the front.

Big Love.

The COR Fam.

Click here for event page


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Shadow Child Tickets have landed!

Shadow Child Tickets have landed! Get yours here:

COR Easter Sunday Rave with VERY Special Guest SHADOW CHILD

Tickets £10. Only 160 available and they’re moving faaaast!

Click here to get yours

– This will sell out, so if you’re coming, please don’t wait to grabs yours. We don’t want any disappointed COR faithful!

This is going a gooden. See you at the front!

Big Love

COR Fam.


PS. Join the event page here

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Shadow Child at COR Easter Sunday

Something big cooking for Easter Sunday!

To say we’re a bit excited about this one would be a monumental understatement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are VERY pleased to announce we’ll be joined by VERY special guest SHADOW CHILD for our COR Easter Sunday rave up!

A local hero is coming back for a very, very, VERY exclusive intimate show at LJR this Easter.

Yes, it’s happening at LJR, so it’s a bit of a homecoming for the COR Fam too, having been away from Albert Road for a while now. We’re very excited on all fronts!

Tickets drop this Friday. Only 160 will be available. First come, first served. Click here to hear about it first and get priority tickets

–  It will sell out, so don’t sleep on this.

Really hope you can make it for this very special COR Easter bash.

Big Love

The COR Fam.


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$hitdisco invite Civilisation Of the Rough

 Friends of COR Pete Callard, Brad Goddard and the $hitdisco crew have very kindly invited us to join them at their residency at Overdraft in Winchester to spin some shit disco of our own. And let’s face it, we’ve got plenty of that!

$hitdisco invite Civilisation Of the Rough

Overdraft Craft Ale Bar & Taqueria

Friday 23rd Feb 2018

5 Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8RZ

Kicks of at 7pm, goes on til close. If you’re coming along from Portsmouth, you can get the last train home.

So, if you fancy some COR aural loveliness and fancy something different this wonderful Friday evening, please, join us! Would be lovely to see you.

Big Love.

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COR x Love Amplified = Boxing Day Special!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!! Our annual boxing day shindig has become a festive season staple – and this year, to give you something extra, we’re teaming up with local night LOVE AMPLIFIED for a huge Boxing Day beano double bill!

Civilisation Of the Rough repping – The COR fam will all be in attendance, as well as a special appearance from COR prodigy Stan Hood.

Love Amplified repping – They’ll be bringing the heavy hitters from the Love Amplified stable, including promotion bosses Soul Divide, who smashed it at our COR Boxing Day bash last year at the Coast Guard!

You’re defo in for an aural treat.

Oh, and did I mention we got a 4am licence?

COR x Love Amplified
Boxing Day Special
Drift Southsea
21:30 – 04:00

High Tide Bar: 
Civilisation Of the Rough – Secret Underground Disco Soirée
Stanley Hood

Low Tide Bar: 
Soul Divide / Wheats / Abbo
Fowlplay – Alex Fowlie / Brad Hill
Bradley King / Mojan

Tickets just £5. Grab yours here: Buy Tickets

This is gonna be a gooden. Once you’ve had your fill of turkey and need some respite and release from visiting relatives and other festive responsibilities, come with us, let your hair down and let us House you.

Big Love.

The COR Fam.

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Thanks for having us – 4th Nov 2017!

What a day! Southsea, Brighton and Southsea again.

Great day all in. The Southsea Old Guard Event raised £775 for No More Dury Water! Leon and Steve had a great show in Brighton on the amazing , and Steve even made it back to Portsmouth to join Rosko, Hoody, Mark AND Maxi Jazz at the Wedgewood Rooms! Top day. Hugh thanks to Charlie and Luke for getting us involved in their respective events, much-appreciated gents.

Big Love.

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What a day we have for you!

What a day we have for you today! The COR fam representing at ‘THE SOUTHSEA OLD GUARD’ fundraiser for No More Durty Water at the Vaults in Southsea. Start 12pm til 12am. 30 of Southsea’s finest deck monkeys. Free entry, but come with a giving spirt and chuck a few quid in the bucket.

Then it’s off to Brighton for our monthly RADIO COR show on the freshly rebranded 1BTN 2-6pm.

Then it’s back to Pompey for the incredible MAXI JAZZ of Faithless fame at the Wedgewood Rooms. Beats and Swing have rounded up some of Southsea’s finest collectives to support. You’ll be entertained royally by the beats and swings crew, Hipshaker, Monkey Love Stunt Team and of course the COR boys. Still a few tickets left but be quick!

What a day! Very much looking forward to it. Hopefully see you at some point for chin chin, hip hip and a shake of the ol tail feathers.

Big love.

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Exclusive Steve Cobby Guest mix on Radio COR

The Civilisation Of the Rough fam take their monthly trip along the coast to host the Radio COR show on 1 Brighton FM (first Sat of every month, 2-6pm).

For our October show (Sat 7th Oct), we have something VERY special for the COR faithful. Ahead of the release of his cracking new album, we’ve been lucky enough to get an exclusive 60min guest mix from none other than Steve Cobby to play on the show!

Steve’s new album, Hemidemisemiquaver,  is out the end of Oct, and it’s a gooden. Chilled down, sometimes dubby, sometimes a hint of Fila Brazilia, always quality.

Here’s what others have said about it:

LAURENT GARNIER- WWFM & MEUH “Lovely atmosphere, beautiful deep chilled funkiness. A Great album. Perfect for late summer..”

MAX ESSA – WARP RECORDS “Love this! A deeply satisfying experience beginning to end. From the languid beauty of ‘Cherry-Skin Blanket’ and ‘Fixing The Shadows’ to the nocturnal throb of ‘Canyons of Lower Manhattan’ I look forward to playing this for many nights to come.”

TRIS TIAN B WWFM / BOILER ROOM “This album sounds dope. I’d love to play it on Worldwide FM…”

PHIL MISON – CANTOMA “A beautiful piece of work by Steve Cobby. There’s something on this wonderful album for everybody..”
PAUL MURPHY – CLAREMONT 56 / LENG  “Really lovely album. Fixing The Shadows is the track for me. I’ll be playing this one for sure

High praise indeed!

here’s the press release:

Well over a quarter of a century has passed since Steve Cobby’s music first appeared in record stores, but the Hull musician has lost none of his appetite for writing and releasing new music. Having re-introduced himself to the record buying public via the critically acclaimed Saudade album back in 2104, Cobby has gone on to release a string of fine solo records under his given name. This October, the former Fila Brazillia and Heights of Abraham member is set to release a brand new album, Hemidemisemiquaver, and it could well be his most accomplished solo work yet.

Written and produced in the “Shedio” at the bottom of his garden,the album is little less than a kaleidoscopic musical trip through the hive mind of our hirsute hero. Those with a wide musical palette will spot a dizzying array of influences – from dub, trip-hop, lounge jazz and Balearica, to wide-eyed electronica, early ‘80s NYC synth-pop, Pat Metheny style jazz-fusion and sweaty drum and bass – as well as a few sly nods to Cobby’s own musical past. It’s as vibrant, colourful and effervescent a set as you’ll hear all year, packed full of warm, attractive and melodious tracks that sidestep conventional categorization.

Really, we should expect little less from Steve Cobby, a man whose musical resume looks more impressive with every passing year. Most will know of his production partnership with Dave McSherry under the Fila Brazilia alias; after all, the duo’s career spanned 14 years and resulted in 12 acclaimed albums and over 70 remixes for the likes of Radiohead, Busta Rhymes, Black Uhuru, Simple Minds, Moloko and the Orb. Some will be aware, too, of his involvement with Pork Recordings, the eclectic, open-minded imprint that became a byword for quality throughout the 1990s. It was on Pork that he released his first solo material as The Solid Doctor (he later also recorded as White Dopes on Funk and JJ Fuchs).

Although now famed for his solo work, Steve Cobby has spent much of career collaborating with others. There was his collaboration with former Chakk members Sim Lister and Jake Herries as Heights of Abraham (whose inspired Electric Hush album is now considered one of the finest downtempo sets of the 1990s), a surprise hook-up with legendary pianist and composer Harold Budd, and a string of singles co-produced by former Cabaret Voltaire man Stephen Mallinder.

Earlier this year Mr Cobby turned soundtrack composer via a film about Hull created for the city’s 12-month stint as European City of Culture. He also found time to collaborate with playwright Russ Litten on “For The Many”, an inspiring anthem for a better Britain that led to a blossoming friendship with Jeremy Corbyn. Clearly, the Labour leader has impeccable taste.

So, if you like the sound of that, be sure to check out Steve’s website and bag a pre-order copy. In the meantime, tune in to the Radio COR show 2-6pm Sat 7th Oct and get yourselves an earful of Steve’s exclusive guest mix on our show!

Big Love.

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