Hello COR party contingent, hope this message finds you all good.

♥ SAVE THE DATE 26.12.12!! ♥

Hot on the heals of our Future Space mega smash, COR returns with our final big blow of the year, the infamous COR Boxing Day Bonanza!!

This is going to be a big one! The COR fam are still properly buzzing after the castle party, and all that energy is going into making this another huge COR party for you. We were so blown aways with your support for the last one, we are making an extra special effort to put on a proper memorable show for you, the COR faithful. 

It also marks our COR 5th anniversary, so we need to make it extra special. Topping the castle will be a tall order, but we got some big plans we’re just itching to get moving with!! 

More details to follow very shortly as well as tickets. Keep your eye on COR for all the details as they unfold. 

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Big Love.

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