Well, what can we say??!!

An unbelievable Future Space Disco down by the sea at Henry VIII’s finest fortress!

As always we were blown away by your phenomenal support in the run up to our Future Space Disco, on the night itself and the wonderful comments afterwards.

A super massive intergalactic THANK YOU to everyone who came, supported, smiled and partied hard on the COR DF! We love you all and are totally humbled by the support and love you’ve shown the COR cause. You really do make it all worth while and you make us want to make it even bigger better next time! You guys make COR what it is, we are so lucky to have such an amazing crowd. You are properly amazing – THANK YOU!!!

Also super massive thanks and interstellar props to the HUGE extend COR fam who stepped right up and got properly involved to make this party the cosmic spectacular it was. We really could not make it happen without you guys. Completely awed by your efforts and dedication that goes FAR beyond the call of duty. SHIT we love you guys!!

And finally a massive thanks to the Hacienda legend that is Graeme Park. So great to have you back behind the COR turntables once again, and in our home town no less! Graeme you owned it!! Thank you. SO much love for everyone involved right now. Thanks for making this a night to remember.

Shit, we got our work cut out to top this on Boxing Day! More details on that to follow shortly.

Keep your eye on COR. If you don’t know, get to know.

Big Love.



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