Good morning disco bunnies & COR scallies, I trust this message finds you in fighting fit form this gloriously sunny Thurs morn!

With a smidgen over one week until the Cab-Vol April Fools Day Disco Extravaganza, it is fair to say excitement is running high with all involved!

This is going to a fabulous underground soiree and the fact we have the wonderful Wolf Music and the omnipresent Mirrorball headlining the show, not to mention brand spanking new edits from COR disco brothers Rosko & Mark, surly makes this one for the disco diary! In pen! Highlighted! With perhaps a little gold star next to it!

But tickets are running out! There are a handful left online and a few left at the ticket outlets, but even with the additional 50 tix the wonderfully underground venue allowed us to make available, there are only a handful left!

SOOOO, if you still need a ticket and you’ve yet to bag yours, click on the following link asap and grab one there! It’ll be emailed to ya right away…

Click HERE for Tickets!

….Don’t miss out.

If that has sold out, you might still be able to grab one by popping into Head Hairdressing (53 Albert Rd), Dead Man’s Glory or Rokii (all in Albert Road).

Don’t leave it too long, this is not promoter scarcity trick, we just don’t want to see any disappointed COR disco heads!

Right, that’s about it for now. Have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to, and we look forward to seeing you at the front next Friday!



Click HERE for full event details.

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