20,000 leagues beneath the sea lies a city long forgotten. A sunken relic with ancient secrets. None will know what’s down there.

Until now.

Join us as we embark on an incredible voyage beneath the waves this Boxing Day as we search for the mystical lost City of Atlantis.

A truly epic adventure awaits all those intrepid enough to join us. Limited tickets, available Friday. If you want to bag yours before then, click this link.

This really is going to be huge. We have a brand new venue for COR, some incredible guests, two rooms, Funktion1 sound throughout and festival level production. We will be transporting you to Atlantis.

Only 500 tickets. Once they’re gone they really are gone. We have 150 early bird tickets at £5, the rest £8. Tickets landing this Friday and available from the COR DJs

More details to follow shortly. Get to Know.

Big Love.

Click HERE for event page. 

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