cor_vintage_620If you hadn’t already heard, COR have hired a 1950’s Route Master double decker bus to take us up to the brand new and wonderful VINTAGE FESTIVAL on Sat 14th August – And we want YOU to come with us!

Check our earlier post for all the details.

This is just a quick post to updated you all on the tickets and prices.

Tickets Available Now!

Tickets for the COR disco double decker are £15.

They’re available now, as always from COR HQ – Head Hairdressing, 53 Albert Rd (Spk to Uncle Tim, he’ll sort you out).

Day Tickets for the Vintage Festival are £55.

HOWEVER, when you buy your COR Disco Bus ticket, Uncle Tim will give you a Vintage discount voucher that will give you a massive 25% off your Vintage ticket.

That means you can get your COR disco bus ticket AND your Vintage festival ticket for just £56.

The 25% discount vouchers are valid until 4th June and the COR Disco Double Decker has only 60 seats, so get yourself to Head ASAP if you’re planning on coming along! There’s already been a lot of interest so don’t sleep on this if you wanna ticket.

I really hope you can make it, this is gonna be really special day and this festival looks set to really shake up what we’ve come to expect from our UK festivals. Really, check out their website to see what they have planned, it will have you raring to get involved. Promise!

Keep you eye on COR for more info as it unfolds…

– Faceache Listing

– Full Details in Previous Post
All at COR Towers are VERY excited about this one, hope you are too!

Get Involved!

Big Love.

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