Hello lovely COR Contingent, hope all is good.

We want to know how you score our COR chart selection!

So we are now having a monthly chart on our 1 Brighton FM Radio COR show. It’s a proper scored chart too.

Each of the COR Fam supply 2 tracks that are doing it for them that month, and we all score each of the tracks out of 10. The track with the highest score wins, and we count them all down from 10 on the Radio COR show. Brilliant.

But that’s not the end of it. WE WANT TO GET YOU INVOLVED!

Through the wonders of modern technology we can now find out how YOU would score the chart.

We invite you to listen to to that tracks and score them yourself, to see what you think of them first hand!

You can listen to the tracks and score them HERE.

We’ll post the results back on here and let you know on the next show how your scores stacked up again ours.

Should be fun!

Thanks for getting involved you lovely lot.

Looking forward to seeing what you think!

Big Love.


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