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COR Long Hot Summer Series: Steve Laming


This summer was a crazy one for sure- we guested, we hosted, we danced, we partied- starting with our Easter party with the ever excellent Ray Mang, through to some great spots in Brighton, our own incredible tent at Farm Festival, a jam packed pop-up party for Southsea Fest and ending with the awesome closing party of the Champagne Bar (surely one of THE success stories of the year for the city), we had a riotous time. We played alongside some wicked guests and were joined by a cast of literally thousands of you! Now we’ve had a bit of time to reflect, we’ve each crafted an individual mix of some of our biggest tunes of the season. We’ll be releasing them over the coming weeks, then at the end we’ll be bringing you news of our infamous Boxing Day shindig…… watch this space.

First up let’s hear from COR brother Steve Laming. Enjoy.


1 Elef – Keep it physical
2 Hot Chip – How do you do (Todd Terje mix)
3 The True Rebels – Bitter Love (Deep Space Orchestra remix)
4 Code 718 – Equinox (Henrik Schwartz mix)
5 Dusky – Truth Capital T
6 Lonely Boy – When I think about you
7 Lukas Greenberg – Do it (Greensters trippin’ mix)
8 Nikola Gala – Kasper
9 Takuya Kashiwada – Worlds end thought come to an end
10 Silicone Soul & Mark Reve – Right on, right on (Matthias Tanzmann mix)

More Long Hot Summer mixes to follow. COR – Keep it locked. And if you don’t know, get to know .

Big Love.

Laming & Persaud, On the Air Together Again…

Ahead of our lil jaunt up to Bournemouth next week to spin some delectable ditties with the wonderful Afro-Disiac crew, COR stable mate the ledge that is Steve Laming has very kindly invited me back on to his wicked weekly radio show this Sunday.

Always look forward to these, proper laugh good in that studio.

Tune in from 12noon on grab an earful of some tasty tunes and join in on the bants in the chat box.

All the details can be found here :

Hope you can tune in for the disco airwave LOLs.

Cheers for the invite Steve, well looking forward to it!

Big Love.



Steve Laming – House With No Name

Love this Steve.  Mix of the day for me man. Cheers!



COR Moments Album


Hello COR Scallies and Disco Bunnies, hope all is peachy with you all.

It been a long time coming, but it’s finally here – We’ve launched our very own COR mix Album!

We wanted to put something together between the 7 of us that not only mean something to us but would also help sum up the essence of COR journey thus far. … So, we each picked two of our favourite all time tracks (not an easy job at all I can tell ya!) and handed them to Mr ‘Uncle Welshy’ Windsor to take into the studio to mix up a storm.

After numerous visits studios and one completed album that we decided to bin as it didn’t quite meet our rigorous COR quality control (it was good but not quite good enough!) we finally have a completely polished, COR approved 1hrs 19mins and 48sec disco journey for your personal delectation and delight, straight from the hearts of the COR Family.

This is not your straight forward mix album, oh no. Many hours of production have been lovingly poured into the making of this, including a number edits and reworks to harmoniously pull the wide spanning reach of the tracks in the playlist together. Leon, you’ve done a sterling job sir. We hope you like what you hear.

We’ve put the Moments album together to try and sum up the last two years of COR and our journey so far. Because of this, we decided the album artwork should reflect this too.

Every single element of the album artwork has been used before in the making of COR. Whether it’s been part of our posters, flyers, back drops, stage props, projections, badges, stickers, signs, tees or our website, you will have seen these featured characters and elements before somewhere at COR.

The album cover art also comes complete with a commentary expertly word smithed by our very own COR mixing boy Leon Windsor, giving you a run down of the tracks and reasons from the COR selectors as to why they decided to choose the tracks they did for inclusion on the album.

The launch party for our Moments album was Saturday 25th Sept and was just brilliant. We made it only a 100 capacity event in the vein of the intimate soirées we started our COR with. Every ticket purchased got a free copy of the album on the night, so plenty of smiling faces. The event sold out in two days.

Thanks to you all for the on going support and general awesomeness. We are so lucky to have a loyal supporting following, you really are the best crowd on the south coast. COR would be nothing without you and your support and good vibe make us want to make it even better everytime for you. COR loves you.

Big Love.


COR Moments Album


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