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Well that was a lot of fun!

Radio Disco with Steve Laming and Mark Persaud, 2nd June by Steve Laming on Mixcloud

PROPERLY enjoyed that! Big fun as always. Crackingly good studio lols with my COR bro Steve Laming. Loved it. Great bants in the studio and in the chatbox. Even managed to squeeze a little gay disco off in there! Funtimes indeed.

Anyway, if you fancy an earful of our Afro Disiac shenanigans you can listen again on the player above. And here are some words from the studio…


“As always when Mark Persaud visits the afro-disiac radio studio to join Steve Laming as special guest on his Groovin’ show it turns into total pandemonium. Disco kick off rolling into some house and nu disco grooves and no discernible pattern after that just haphazard mayhem. All good fun and big bumping tunes, hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to check the website of the Civilisation of the Rough which is the collective that these guys belong to for some underground disco news”


So massive thanks to Afro Disiac and of course a huge thanks to Mr Laming for inviting me along. Look forward to the next time (if they’ll have me!).

You can catch Steve’s awesome weekly show ‘Groovin’ with Steve Laming’ each and every Sunday from 12pm – 2pm on the brilliant Afro Disiac Live. Defo worth checking.

Big Love.





Radio Dance Mayhem, Laming & Persaud on Afro-Disiac Live

 COR disco brother and consumate gentleman, our very own Steve Laming has invited me back on to his wicked weekly radio show, along the coast there in sunny Bournemouth at the Afro Disiac Live studios.

Absolutely LOVE heading along to join him on his awesome show, always a total riot (Plus could use some tips from a pro for our COR show!).

Radio Dance Mayhem, Laming & Persaud on Afro-Disiac

Sunday 2nd June, 12-2pm.

Anyway, here’s some words from the station…

“Oh my goodness he’s back! Yes COR brother and Southsea disco legend Mark Persaud makes a very welcome reappearance to the studio of afro-disiac live radio to join Steve Laming in serving up 2 hours of proper dance your ass off disco and house.

One for the webcam with Persaud in the house, dancing and singing and all that excitable nonsense whilst old seasoned pro Laming drops a few banging tunes with more decorum than a chap in a blazer at a royal garden party.

All the fun kicks off at midday and expect dubbed out disco slo mo monsters with lashings of thunderous deep house and more than a drop of pure classic disco.

Chatbox banter and heckling obligatory.

If you are going to be out and about here’s a handy suggestion, download the free app and find us on your phone, loads this bad boy up before the weekend and then find us on afro-disiac live radio, it works and it’s great. Our suggestion is you take your phone, plug it into a huge ghetto blaster, take it down the beach, make new friends and party like it’s 1999.

Hope you can make it cos if you don’t you’ll have a dull sad void in in your life which could have been filled by disco love.”


Couldn’t have put it better myself. Hope you can join us, it’s gonna be a gooden.

Big Love.



Laming & Persaud, On the Air Together Again…

Ahead of our lil jaunt up to Bournemouth next week to spin some delectable ditties with the wonderful Afro-Disiac crew, COR stable mate the ledge that is Steve Laming has very kindly invited me back on to his wicked weekly radio show this Sunday.

Always look forward to these, proper laugh good in that studio.

Tune in from 12noon on grab an earful of some tasty tunes and join in on the bants in the chat box.

All the details can be found here :

Hope you can tune in for the disco airwave LOLs.

Cheers for the invite Steve, well looking forward to it!

Big Love.



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