Anyone else excited about the COR Easter Sunday Spectacular Spectacular yet? We are. 

The location of our grand and most revered establishment we cannot reveal as yet. But we will shortly be letting you know to where to meet to be escorted to our most revered establishment. Keep your eye on the event page for details –https://www.facebook.com/events/825651180795341/

As you would expect from an establishment such grandeur and reputation, there is a strict dress code to which all patrons must adhere. Suggestions for Gentlemen; as dapper and debonair as a gent can be, ringmaster, cowboy, Argentinean falling through a roof, or dwarf dressed as a nun. Suggestions for Ladies; Can Can dancer, courtesan, show girl, cabaret dancer, saloon girl, madam, wench – or of course you can don your finest and most elegant evening attire as an esteemed and honoured frequenter at our grand establishment.

If in doubt, please simply don your most finest of finery. Debonair and dapper. The establishment has been known to reward exceptional effort. 

Whatever your chosen attire, whether male or female, we MUST insist that headwear or millinery is a essential for entry. Your efforts shall be rewarded however, as we will be awarding bottles of our establishments finest, most prided and widely exalted bottles of Champagnes for those excelling in their headwear efforts. 

Elaborate decor and lighting, creative visuals and sound delivered thorough the crème de la crème of audio systems are to be expected. A wonderful evening is most certain to be enjoyed by all.

The COR Family look forward to cordially welcoming you. May we please take this opportunity to fully extended our congratulations to you all for Getting to Know. Now just remember to keep it under your hat. 

Big Love.

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