COR Advent Mix Series 2011

Hello COR Scallies and Disco Bunnies! Hope all is very well with you and yours.

This is the first of 7 COR mixes that we are putting together for your listening pleasure in the run up to our monster COR Boxing Day return to The Vaults in our beloved Albert Rd, Southsea.

Over the coming weeks you’ll get a 60min tear up from each one of the COR family to get you in the mood for a proper full monty COR soiree of epic proportions.

It’s Rosko who steps up to the ones first. A cracking smash up of some quality disco with a handful of soulfulness chucked in for good measure. Thank you kindly Mr Siffredi!

If you the sound of this, sign up at the top right of the page there to be the first to know when the next mixes are available.

Take it easy chaps.

Big Love.

COR Advent Series : #1 Rosko Siffredi


78 Edits – One Way
Pop & Eye – Can’t let you go (Oi Rosko, you having a dig with that one mater??!)
Kastil – Back to Philidelphia
Duff Disco – You Wish
Toomy Disco – Outstanding
Poolside – Do You Believe (Comic Kids Remix)
Volta Cab – Watch Your Back
Tronic Youth – X-Stacy
Duff Disco – Gran Master Duff
Sunshine Anderson – Heard it all Before
Danny Krivitt ft Kim English – It Makes a Difference
(Brucey Bonus Track) Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music

So, that’s one down, 6 to go. Hope you like it!

Pop back soon for the next one.

Big Love.


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